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A Gun with Socks
A Gun with Socks

2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding

Sharp and Smart
Sharp and Smart

2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare


What Our Clients Have to Say (continued)

February 21, 2009
Miriam: Real Hobby

Real Hobby... is the best horse ever. My daughter, Jessica, has been running barrels on her ever since the year after we bought her from you guys. Last year they had a clean up year. She has won numerous buckles on her in both the youth and open races. She was high point youth for our District NBHA last year. In October she was second in the 4-D open class and won $1000. She also won the 3-D “Tuff Enough to Wear Pink” open race at the NBHA finals. At those finals, Roxie and Jessica would have cleaned up, but Roxie slipped on her second barrel andReal Hobby went off course. They are entered to ride in the big “Grab the Cash Gala” next weekend in Santa Rosa. Jessica and her mare just really “clicked” this past year.............. that mare loves Jessica and will do anything for her. She has a big, big heart. A lot of thank you’s go out to Jessica’s big sister, Jennifer Weber, for making her the great barrel horse that she is. Jennifer has occasionally run Roxie at races that her sister could not make and she too is always in the money. I will let you know how she does this coming weekend in Santa Rosa. I’m sure someday we will breed her, but right now the girls are having a great time on her. Thanks so much for selling us this great mare.

Georgia and Jessica Crawford and Jennifer Weber


December 29, 2008

 I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are about a 2004 mare that we bought at your 2005 production sale. Smart Leta is the most level headed, calm, easy going horse we have owned. We have done little training with her, yet most any person could ride her. Even in pasture with other horses, she’s a dream. She never runs and stirs up the other horses, she’s very quiet and docile, and keeps calm under all situations. I think it is truly a sign of her breeding, considering she has been like this since the day we bought her, after being on the range for her yearling year.

 We liked her so much we brought her with us from CA to OH when we moved in 2006. She also produces foals even better than her. She had her first foal (a buckskin filly) this year, and it displayed all of her great characteristics. We are hoping to further her training soon, for we think she has as much potential as we can give her. Keep up the good work on breeding great American Quarter Horses.

Lauren & Brad Carter

August 5, 2008
Badger Door

Some photos of Badger Door. These are from the 60th anniversary ride of the Master Trail Riders, 07/07/08 - 07/12/08. This was a 4 day ride and probably covered 50 miles.

To date Badger and I have, this spring, been on 6 different gathers and brought in 2,500 pairs. This included parting and loading trucks. Been to a couplBadger Doore brandings and headed and heeled on him... Been to a half dozen jackpot sortings and won one.

 Bottom line Leonard, just like you told me, Badger Door is one honest pony.

Bob King




July 24, 2008

Hello Leonard!

Just a very quick note to say ‘Thank You’ once again! Our two boys are doing great! Our newest one is such a dream and the sweetest, most gentle horse I believe I have ever owned! For such a youngster, he is fantastic on the trail, even with new objects presented to him! Would you believe we are able to hose him down when he is laying down and even fly spray when he is laying down also?! He loves it! When the other horses get into trouble (in an impish sort of way), he is the one who comes up to the house to tattle on them. Seriously, he is amazing and sheer joy to ride.
I still cannot say enough about your horses!

Hope all is well at the ranch and hope to get down to see you soon.

Robbie Henderson



May 8, 2008
Update from Jessica Haynie:

I want to thank Leonard and everyone out at Brooks for being so wonderful and amazing!!! I could never have made it to winning the 2008 Mother Lode Round-up Queen title without all of your help and amazing horses!!

Thank you so much,

Jessica Haynie
2008 Mother Lode Round-up Queen

P.S. Look for me at the parade and rodeo!

March 7, 2008
To the Brooks Ranch:

My mom swears Leonard Brooks saw this big blue truck pull up and this “cute little 12 year old blond” get out, then he sized us up and told the cowboys to get out “Gronies”. Plumb Are Dry was a 4 year old gelding, affectionately called “Gurney’s” after the owner of his dam. The Mexican pronunciation sounded like “Gronies” and the name stuck. Leonard put me up on the horse, insisting it was the best he had. It was love at first sight. Boy did I have to do a lot of begging to get my dad to agree to buy him. Actually I don’t think I ever did convince him. My mom just bought him.

... We kept him at the ranch for 2 months for lessons and took him home. Not long after that my mom got tired of watching me ride and decided it was time for her to get a new horse. ... She set her sights on a nice, calm mare, who had to be black. ... Her name was Repeat a Queen (or as we call her, Prieta, after the original). In February, 2003 she was ours.

Our new horses settled right in with us, doing well at gymkhanas and on the trail. We liked them so much my mom went a little crazy at the Brooks Ranch production sale in 2005, buying 3 two year olds and four broodmares, 3 of them with babies and rebred. Our “herd” currently totals 10, two POA’s and 8 Brooks Quarter Horses. We can’t say enough about the quality of the breeding of these horses. My mom got a new hip in June, 2007 and by fall was back up on her horse running barrels.

Fast forward a few years. I had always dreamed of running for the title of Mother Lode Roundup Queen. I decided that 2007 was the year to do it. I was a 17 year old high school junior. After going back and forth over which horse to use for the parades and horsemanship competition I settled on my mom’s mare. She is always “on”. She is steady, able and always willing to do exactly what is needed. She performed perfectly for the parades and we won the horsemanship competition, despite being injured in the trailer the night before the contest.

Well, in 2007 I not only won horsemanship, but I also won high ticket sales and Miss Congeniality, but I only won first runner-up by a narrow margin in a very tight race of four well qualified contestants. My goal, however, remains winning the queen crown. So I am running again in 2008 and again, using Prieta as my perfect queen horse. My mom steals her back for the occasional gymkhana, but otherwise she’s mine for now. Watch for us in the local parades, at the horsemanship competition on May 3rd, and at the Mother Lode Roundup Rodeo on May 10th and 11th!

Jessica Haynie

February 13, 2008
To the Brooks Ranch,

“Bug” is the finest horse I have ever owned in my life. Not only is he my best friend, but he is the smartest, most loving animal I have ever known. When I first saw Bug, he hooked on to me right away. I could tell he was one of those geldings that are very people friendly and would make a great companion on the trail or in the arena. Bug has been more than what I ever expected. Not only is he a good all around, solid trail horse, but I was able to take him all the way to full certification for Patrol and Search & Rescue with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff Dept. Mounted Search & Rescue.

I have ridden Bug in the capacity of Deputy Sheriff, County of Santa Cruz (Bug was a badge carrying deputy too) on patrol through all the grounds of crowded county fairs, as ambassadors and for direct security. Bug has the disposition and the brains to trust me in any situation I may ask him to enter. We have encountered crowds of thousands of people with loud music, bright lights, running children, noisy machinery and people intentionally trying to scare our horses for the “fun of it”, and Bug never flinched.

When he earned his certification as a Deputy Sheriff, Bug had to walk through “The Gauntlet” without refusing to pass through any obstacle. The Gauntlet consisted of a trail lined with several large beach umbrellas spinning, a large tarp to walk across, banners, flags and windsocks flying only 8 feet off the ground, and emergency flares on either side. He had to drag a large sack full of cans during all this, and to top it off a pack of fire crackers was lit on the ground at the horses feet. Not many horses can be trusted in intense situations like this, but Bug sacked out quicker than any horse on patrol. I am able to trust Bug in the high country on a narrow trail or to just stand still while I’m putting shoes on him, that is when he’s not tugging at my shirt to try and get me to play.

It might be possible to find a better horse than Bug, but you’d better pack a lunch.
Thank you for my friend Bug.

Hal Denton


January 31, 2008
Dear Leonard Brooks:

There was a special something in the air as my family and I turned the truck down the Brooks ranch driveway. Something I couldn’t explain, but I knew was good. I was recently in the market for a true performance horse that would elevate me to the next level of riding and more importantly horsemanship. I found that horse at the Brooks ranch and many more. Mr. Brooks is running a quality breeding and training ranch that is truly world class, producing the soundest minded horses I have ever seen. The ranch’s best kept secret is the 30 days training you receive with your horse upon purchase which in my opinion completely eliminates the 6 months of “ getting to know each other” that is normally needed to achieve that perfect rider/horse match.

Cutting, roping, gymkhana, barrels, team penners, sorters and trail riders… you are missing out on a once in a lifetime horse…. Do yourself a favor and at least go up and see the ranch and test ride a few. Mr. Brooks, Lee, Fernando, Lou and all the ranch hands……from the bottom of my heart thank you for this life changing horse. See you soon.

John Kelly
Lemoore California

January 30, 2008

Dear Leonard,

I bought my horse Bella when she was three and I was six. I have competed on her ever since, I am now 14. We have grown up together and have accomplished alot. We have won many state titles barrel racing through CGA, ACBRA, and Nor-Cal Junior Rodeo. We are working hard, currently in high school rodeo Barrel racing and pole bending. I consider Bella one of my best companions. Together we are one, I trust her with all I have and love her so much. Thank you very much, and we will keep in touch.

Your Friend, Emilie Shadle


January 7, 2008

Hello there Mr. Brooks... Happy New Year! Nancy & Bob

And, yes, every day I think of all of you and say “Thank You.” Hobby is a wonderful horse. He was 4 1/2 when we bought him; he is now 8 1/2! As they say - “Time flies by when you’re having fun.”

We have done very well at the local Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club, and we are on a perpetual trophy in the clubhouse. People love his whole persona. I pack him up, go anywhere, and try it all - trail riding, sorting, reining, cutting, and more fun. Hobby had the best foundation right there at Brooks Ranch.

Our best to you and your family, and please pass on our Happy New Year’s wish to Fernando and Luciano. Hope to pop in someday to say “Hi” and see everyone. Happy trails!

Nancy & Bob


November 12, 2007
Hi Leonard -

Here are some pictures of our big weekend! I wish I could clone her! She’s been an amazing partner for me. - Gayle

Gayle Jones
2007 Barrelnanza Finals Champion
World Barrel Racing Productions
Waco, TX

“The World Barrel Racing finals was this weekend in Waco. 2,500 entries, 4 days, $660,000 payout! We now have one excited barrel racer. Saturday night Gayle turned in a time of 15.254 riding Neeca to take the lead from Angie Meaders who was 15.256 and was in position to win one of the trucks. After 200 more runs Sat night and then sweating out 300 more today...Gayle was able to exhale a big breath and replace with a smile that went ear to ear.”

November 16, 2007
Mr. Leonard Brooks,

Thanks for your wonderful horse “Hobbys Red Wagon”! He is the best police horse I’ve had!

Best regards,
Kaan H. Chin
SFPD Star 460




September 21, 2007

Dear Mr. Brooks,

  My mom bought Plumb Willy for me in February 2006 when I was 9 years old, now I am 11 and we have come very far together. I started to pattern him on the 13 events in CGA (California Gymkhana Association) in the FC Division and 1 year later we competed in the AAA Division at the CGA State show. We have won tons of blue ribbons, 5 buckles and lots of other great things together in gymkhana.

  I also used him last year in Jr. Rodeo for goat tying, poles and barrels. This year I have decided to focus only on barrel racing and can’t wait for the new NBHA season to begin.


   Everywhere we go, at least one person tells me how they like my horse and that makes me proud.. He has a kind soft eye and a personality to match. I love my horse to death and wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Thank you,
Jade Ynzunza





September 17, 2007

Dealing with Mr. Leonard Brooks and his people at the Brooks Quarter Horse Ranch was a wonderful experience. It is a gorgeous ranch where they raise and train great horses. Disposition is an important part of their breeding. I purchased a beautiful red roan, a 4 year old quarter horse gelding that has turned out to be one of those “once in a lifetime” horses.

Mr. Brooks steered me to “Redman” who is exactly what I was looking for, and I shall be forever grateful.

Claude Gilbert



September 2, 2007

Dear Leonard & Lee,

Now that I am back in school my time at “Brooks Ranch” will be limited to just weekends. I already miss my time during the summer months riding, not only my horse “Layla”, but a variety of horses. I also miss my time spent with Leonard, Lee, Lou and all the supportive hands at the ranch.

My horse “Layla” (SB Picture Perfect) and I have grown especially close these past few months with the guidance of Lee, whom I now call my “Barn Dad”. He is so generous with his time and is always willing to help me. I have already got three shows under my belt which could not have been done without the help of my “Barn Dad”. I am looking forward to many more upcoming shows. Everyone at the ranch is so supportive and helpful I just can’t say enough! I would also like to thank “Lou”. I could not have accomplished anything without my best friend “Lou” who has given me so many rides to and from the ranch.

Leonard, you have treated me like a grandfather would treat his own granddaughter, showing me nothing but kindness and generosity. You have always believed in me. You have made buying a horse the greatest thing in my life. I think my horse is wonderful and if I could I would spend every day with her, and stay with her in her stall every night.

My mom loves her horse “Diamond” (Dry Dorey), and we have gone on many great trail rides together. I think everyone should buy their horse or horses from “Brooks Ranch”.

I love all of you,


Hi, Leonard.

I love the new website! Your new stud is beautiful. I also really love your horse for sale “Fantasy Cash”. You are right, he looks like a promising barrel prospect. He’s put together beautifully! What do you price your 3 year olds like him at now?

Thank you also for putting my pictures on your site. The best thing I ever did was drive to you ranch 12 years ago and buy my mare. She is honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I am honored to be on the site.

The picture from the Houston Rodeo will be here next week and I will send you a copy.

Thanks again, Gayle Jones from Texas

Photo sent in by Gayle, riding Neeca


June 16, 2007

Hi Leonard,

I can’t wait to see your new web site, I’ll look for it tomorrow. My horse is wonderful and I love her. I took her to the Mariposa Mountain Riders Open Versatile Ranch Horse Competition last Sunday and I think we both did really well. We got our cow penned on time and she didn’t balk at anything in the trail portion of the competition. In the reining her circles were good and her lead changes flawless! We didn’t win but we were up against 20 other very accomplished and seasoned riders and horses. My trainer thinks you should pay me for the advertisement of what good horses come out of your ranch!!

I’ve attached a photo of my horse and me at the stable where I keep her. Hope to see you next month when I come up to give you my payment. Take care!



Dear Mr. Brooks,

Ever since we got “Flash” home, he has been wonderful! I’ve taken him on trail rides, in the sand, by the river, out in the orchards, he just loves to go everywhere. After having him for only a couple of weeks, I had to take him to Norco for the California Circuit Finals Rodeo. I have included some pictures of us carrying the American Flag for the National Anthem. Not only was he great in the trailer for the 7 hours down to Los Angeles, but the very next morning he had to run cattle and sort saddle broncs in the arena before the rodeo.

On his very first time out, he carried the American Flag around the arena and stood in the center, all by himself, for the National Anthem. From then on, we were in the arena for practically the entire rodeo. We carried sponsor flags, ran victory laps, pushed steers and calves, and even did an “act” with the rodeo clown.

I had many people comment on how beautiful and well mannered my horse was. They were all astonished to find out that he was only just 5 years old, but also, that this was his very first rodeo! He did great.

Our next rodeo will be the Oakdale Rodeo on April 12th and 13th. It would be wonderful to see you there!

Best Wishes,

Darci Robertson
Miss Rodeo California 2003


August 15, 2007

Hi Leonard,
Just wanted to update you on our mare Real Hobby, that my Mom and I bought from you! My sister is running her in the Youth, and has won a 3D buckle on her, and numerous other awards, and my 3 year old grandson is riding her in the Pee Wees! I have enclosed a couple of pictures!

Jennifer Caiati

P.S. Thank you for helping me out with that gelding I returned, the filly you gave me in exchange is GREAT, she is the kindest little thing I have ridden in a long time!!!!




   I wanted to thank you for our horse Dusty. He is the best horse ever.
Thanks also for all the great training we got at Brooks ranch.
Rachael & D.R. Hunter




November 11, 1996

Dear Leonard,
Four Plumbs (Tessa) made her “sorting” debut at a penning in San Martin Saturday. She was great! We finished 1st with my regular team and after a double run off for second place, finished third with my second team (ALL BROOKS HORSES, LOREN THORSEN, PAM CALLEN AND FOUR PLUMBS!!)

She’s a great little lady and of course my gelding, Plumbs Please (Money), I can’t say enough about. You’re truly doing a great job with these horses!

Very truly yours,

Donna M.
Tracy, CA




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